Danger drawers: 6 Common underwear mistakes that can cause health problems

Ladies, now hear this out. You may have no idea that this could happen, but really, your underwear can also trigger diseases, which can occur when you don’t use it correctly or fail in selecting the proper material for use.

Here are some things that you might practice about your underwear use to avoid infecting your nether regions.

  1. Make it a point to wear loose underwear at night time when you are about to sleep. It’s more advisable to go commando when you are sleeping, to avoid restricting your nether regions and overexposing your genitals to underwear that you’ve used all day long. However, if you are uncomfortable with that, you can opt to wear loose underwear to facilitate blood and air circulation in your sensitive areas.
  2. Choose underwear that is made of a material that absorbs sweat. Choosing underwear that is heat-absorbent is essential — it ensures your private parts don’t become moist in case you find yourself in a hot area and start sweating. When this region becomes damp because of sweating, bacteria and fungus will start to colonize it, triggering skin infections and diseases. A material that is good for underwear is cotton. “Silk and synthetic fabrics are not breathable, which increases the risk of moisture being trapped and retained, which can create a yeast or bacterial infection,” said Dr. Donnica Moore, saying that if there is a need to wear synthetic fabrics, one should choose a pair with a cotton-lined crotch.
  3. Change your underwear on a regular basis. Putting on fresh batch twice a day — one in the morning and another in the evening — keeps your privates smelling fresh and clean. In case underwear gets too sweaty in the middle of the day — by all means, you have every right to change your underwear.
  4. Do not share your underwear with other people. It’s a well-established fact at this point: Don’t let other people use your underwear and don’t use or borrow other people’s underwear, too. Aside from sexual intercourse, sharing undies is a sure-fire way to catch venereal diseases. (Related: What Are the Best Home Remedies for Genital Warts?)
  5. Avoid using underwear that’s too tight. When you wear underwear that’s taut, it restricts blood flow to your nether regions. It may also cause skin infection in your sensitive areas, and give you a very unpleasant itch.
  6. Wash your underwear until it is squeaky clean before you use it. Make sure that your underwear is thoroughly washed, with no traces of previous genital fluids such as vaginal discharge, menstruation, or semen, before you use it again. If you are using a washing machine to wash your undies, make sure that they are not mixed with other people’s briefs or panties.

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