Five Keys to Optimum Women’s Health

There are all sorts of health advice out there for women, but how much of it is reliable? You can search the Internet for weeks at a time, read tons of articles and watch scores of documentaries and never really be sure that what you’ve heard and read is accurate.

Besides, you’ve probably tried your share of “health tips” and “suggestions,” only to be disappointed with the results. That may be due, in large part, to an over-reliance on so-called “mainstream” or “traditional” health recommendations.

It could also be that you’ve just never been given the correct information – something that Dr. Marita Stauch, ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) would like to remedy.

Dr. Marita, as she is known, is one of dozens of natural and homeopathic health and nutrition experts invited to speak at the Natural Medicine Summit to be held on March 14-22, a free online symposium aimed at presenting information that will make you feel younger, reverse the disease process and live better – now, not later.

In her presentation, “Five Keys to Optimum Women’s Health,” Dr. Marita will educate and empower you to “own your path to” your ideal state of health.

“On my North American speaking tours and as a naturopathic doctor with a busy alternative health and nutrition clinic, I see an increasing number of women who look for complementary and alternative solutions for chronic pain, stress management, adrenal health, chronic fatigue, hormone balance, weight management and more,” she writes on her clinician web site.

“The good news is, in most cases, the body has the ability to heal itself. And your commitment to proactively own your path to optimal health is important. But you are not alone – I am here to guide you in this journey! I believe that healthy women create healthier communities,” she adds.

In addition to being a naturopathic provider, Dr. Marita is also a health educator, author and frequent expert guest on television and radio programs. She is licensed by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia and is a member of the BC Naturopathic Association and the Canadian Naturopathic Association.

In addition to Dr. Marita’s presentation, other health experts will present information about how you can customize your diet for your personal biochemistry so you can lose weight and keep it off for life; how to integrate graceful aging strategies into your daily schedule; secrets to brain health and how your changing brain can also change your life; and much more.

To enroll for free in the Natural Medicine Summit, click here.


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